Outlier Upfront 2018

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You can think of Outlier Upfront in a lot of different ways, as a gift card/code with benefits, a blind preorder, a way to advance your favorite (or least favorite) brand some dollars, or just a rare way to get a bit of discount on our products.

How does it work? It’s easy, just buy a gift code on our website between now and January 31st 2018 and then don’t spend it until Valentine’s Day (February 14th 2018). Around Valentine’s Day we’ll add an extra 15% to the remaining value on that code and you can spend it on anything on our website (except gift codes)! It’s fully refundable too, so there is almost no risk, with the big caveat that it’s only refundable for the initial cash value. This year it comes with a small bonus too, in February we will likely be revising our return policy slightly (on Experiments mostly), but any purchases made fully with Outlier Upfront will be still be eligible for the current 45 days, for any reason return policy.


Why are we doing this? Because we are a stubbornly bootstrapped company, we grow solely by reinvesting our profits back into the company. This gives us lots of freedom to make the products we love but it comes at a hard cost, every winter we starve a little bit. The winter months are our slowest while the spring ones that follow are some of the busiest. That means we need to spend money to prepare for spring while very little is coming in. Last year Outlier Upfront really helped us make it through the cold lean days and into the beautiful spring, so we are trying it again this year.


And what can we expect for spring? Well we are pretty tight lipped about this stuff, but we can give a few hints. Next month we iterate on a singular bag form, and perhaps go bigger on a classic and maybe return to some new shirting traditions. Then we hit the track beyond ultra hard, getting ourselves into beach shape and then past that to the end of worlds. Eventually our lust for ramie kicks in and heads norths across multiple weights, structures and time zones. In April we inject ourselves into the shadows and folds, emerging in all sorts of forms and formalities. The ramie gets crunchier, heavier and more textured even as we dream of merino before emerging in May with a more open take on wool plus a whole lot of wrong. June brings us back to the colorful beach and hopefully more experiments, but first we ride out this cold winter a bit.