OUTLIER – The Hard/co Merino Experiments

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New York has finally given us a taste of winter and in response we have a hard new take on our new favorite fabric combination, cotton and merino. Plus a restock on the new Outlier essential, the Strong Dungarees in Bluegray.

We started playing with doublefaced cotton merino knits just to make a whiter t-shirt (and there is hopefully more on that project coming next year!) Then we realized just how nice the two played together, the cotton structure on the outside with the merino performance on the inside opened up a world of possibilities. With the Merino Co/weight we were able to make merino sweatshirts with the soft yet rough and tumble character of cotton, creating midweight hoodies with the best of both worlds. But that got us wondering, how far could we push this stuff, what if we went hard, upping the cotton content dramatically to create a dense heavyweight cotton face, while keeping the soft merino terry against the skin. The result is a bit like armor for the 21st century, and our new favorite thing ever, the Hard/co Merino Terry.

The dense cotton face of the Hard/co make a highly structural knit, it supports itself enough that it almost floats off the body while things like hoods stand up tall, holding their shape with confidence. Despite being significantly heavier and denser you can wear it in the same temperatures as the Co/weight Merino, but it repels more wind creating a fabric as cozy as knit yet almost jacket-like in how it handles itself. Because it holds a hood so damn well we built three experimental hoodies with it, plus a pair of tuxedo sweats.

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Experiment 049 – Hard/co Merino Zip Hoodie is the most straight forward of the bunch, a roughneck version of the Merino Co/weight Zip Front Hoodie, available now in Black, Darkmarine and White with Riri cast metal zippers. Experiment 051 – Hard/co Merino Rawcut Hoodie features an oversize fit with a half zip front and raw finishing on most edges, available now in Black and White. Experiment 052 – Hard/co Merino Myth Hoodie is expected later this year and features dolman sleeves, piped pockets and ribbed front placket and collar. Experiment 050 – Hard/co Merino Tuxedo Sweats are an experimental sweat pant cut, loose and straight with an exposed terry tuxedo stripe down the side and is available now.