OUTLIER – Layers on Layers – Alphacharge and Doublefine

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As fall edges closer to New York we get ready to layer up in all flavors of cozy Merino performance. The Alphacharge is back as is the classic Doublefine Merino.

Last fall brought us Alphacharge, one of the best things we’ve ever done for the cool weather. Runweight Merino on the inside for dry performance against the skin. Super breathable and lightweight Alpha 60 insulation in the middle for a gentle warmth without overheating and an Ultra Ultra outer-face for durability plus wind and light rain protection. It makes for some of the absolute best gear for cold weather workouts and damn nice indoor-outdoor insulation pieces as well.

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Then of course there’s the classics, we’ve been working with Doublefine Merino for years and it stays amazing. The doubleknit structure is yarn dyed black on the back side and piece dyed a variety of colors on the front. Because the two sides are knit together the black mixes with the color to create a rich depth and resonance that make this fabric look as sharp and elegant as it feels.

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