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For the NIKBEN & Jeremyville collaboration, the creators have chosen to take a frisky twist on the classic Hawaii shirt & swim shorts. The designs feature the iconic Jeremyville bunny character, Jethro.

“This bunny is an alter ego of us all. He’s a manifestation of the part of us that we have forgotten, that’s gone missing, and is lost: The playful, the surreal and the childlike imagination and wonder within us.“ States Jeremyville.

There’s nothing more playful, surreal and utterly joyous than a pink bunny on a Hawaiian Shirt & Shorts. Whether it’s on the beaches of Bondi Australia, Palm Springs, Miami or in Mexico, trust in the adventure he will take you on, because Jethro represents the intuition of the child within you, and you once believed in that instinct unconditionally. Embark on your own inner journey with Jethro, for a good times & positive vibes wherever the sun shines.

” I’ve always been a big fan of Jeremyville’s work, so this collaboration has been a real dream come true project for us. When we assembled our creative minds with the bright and playful color palette of the two worlds, we came up with something high-spirited, fun and stylish. We are proud to present this collaboration and so eager to invite everyone to this wonderful NIKBEN-JEREMYVILLE bubble we have been working in ” says Benjamin Lega, Founder and Creative Director.