New Music Video on Gay Love & Loss by Brett Gleason

Brett Gleason

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Brett Gleason has just premiered the supremely melancholic video for his current single “Expiration Date” – A bleak testament to love’s inherent conclusion, the black and white video took Gleason almost a year to complete, and can be seen here

Brett had this to say about the video: ‚Despite being an out artist my entire career, this is the first time I’ve featured a gay romance in a music video because it’s the first time I’ve written about love.  It’s a same-sex vision that shows we love & lose just like everyone else and when we’re hurt, we cry the same tears too.  Whereas the song is a general take on the temporary nature of love and life, the video became more personal with each shoot – the photograph at the start is me with my first boyfriend and the cemetery we shot in is one where I’ve mourned too many friends.  Ultimately, whether dealing with loves loss from death or otherwise, it becomes increasingly difficult to be present in a relationship with the knowledge that every love that’s come before has come to an end, and you will too.

“Expiration Date” is featured on Gleason’s recently released sophomore album, Manifest – available now on iTunes & Spotify 

A multi-instrumentalist and self-produced artist, Brett Gleason constructs deceptively complex songs that twist and turn but effortlessly stay in your head and burrow into your heart.  His piano playing is the cornerstone of his songs as he often performs solo but there’s not one instance where he doesn’t also accompany himself on guitar, bass, and at least one other instrument.  ‚Manifest‘ has been hailed as ‚a perfect example of a great sophomore album that shows an artist truly finding his footing as a great songwriter‘ by Atwood Magazine and features a more lyric based, stripped down sound for Brett moving forward.