Neon Extravaganza by Jylle Navarro and Graham Martin

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Steven Octopus and Neon-0334

Neon Extravaganza is an art collaboration between Jylle Navarro and Graham Martin.

Jylle is a leading neon artist creating fashion, installations and wall art that has been exhibited in several London galleries and is available to buy online.  Graham is a successful photographer with a passion for male artform.  His brand, MenArt, has been displayed on the walls of several galleries as well as published in various publication and blogs, not least the one and only TwistedMale

Graham and Jylle came together to share their passion for their specialist subjects and create art that goes beyond the norm.

Creating the series “Neon Extravaganza” required a model that was prepared to harness the theme and not be afraid of the unusual.  Steven Di Costa was our first choice.  Steven is no stranger to modelling and always gives 100% to any project, this was no exception. Of course he has an awesome physique that is appealing to the eye.  The curves of Steven’s body dance with the flow of the colours creating a festival of shape and colour.

The inspiration for the pieces of work came from the enchanting coral reefs where colours are vibrant and electric. A mystical world where all is not always as it seems with camouflage and shape changing the way we see things, much as the neon artistry is used on the body here.  The neon strips representing the elegant fins of brightly dressed tropical fish showing of their long flowing fins.

Model; Steven Di Costa –

Creative and Art Director: Jylly Navarro  –

Photographer: Graham Martin –