Neon Dreams – „Guilty“

„Six months after abandoning a lucrative opening slot on Hedley’s cross-Canada tour, we return with “Guilty” – a song about finding a new way of life. After the Hedley situation, I found myself in a dark place; I didn’t really understand my true purpose. I was invited to a writing camp in Nicaragua where I created music with some very talented and open-minded people. I discovered meditation and yoga which helped me connect with the universe in a much deeper way than I ever had before. I became more spiritual, and eliminated negative influences that could lead me down a self-destructive path.

We’ve been experimenting with a lot of our production, writing, and brand. You can expect our forthcoming debut album (slated for an early 2019 release) to be an emotional rollercoaster of music. This time around, we aren’t just giving people a bunch of different genres – we are giving them a mood.“