Modus Vivendi – Gael Jacob – Exclusive Model Interview

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Bally UK Spring Summer 2019 Collection for him
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Wearing Modus Vivendi how it makes you feel?

I feel very good inside because the shapes are really well made.

Any dietary tip? What’s your eating habits?

Eat as healthy as possible during the week and enjoy the occasional meal at weekends and especially on holiday.

Favorite place to travel

I love Ibiza for the beauty of the island and the partying, and I also love Mykonos, Thailand. And hopefully I will go to the USA soon.

What would you choose if you could choose a different carrier?

Professional soccer player to represent my country France.
Do you shop online or on brick stores?
I buy from everywhere ☺

Any skin care tip?

Cleanse and moisturize your skin very well, the basics.

What do you do for fun? Stay home, dinner with friends? Parties and clubs?

Usually it’s a restaurant with my friends and then a nightclub. If I stay at home it’s to rest.

What’s your favorite tv series or movie?

La Casa de papel, prison break.

Any causes you support?

I don’t see it that way.

Do you read magazines and blogs?

Occasionally but really when I come across them through social networks.

Are you on any dating app?

I’m not on any dating app. Instagram is sufficient.

What’s your super power?

Maybe my eyes…


Underwear: Modus Vivendi /

Photographer: Lionel Andre @lionelandre

Model: Gael Jacob @jacobs_90