Modus Vivendi – Exclusive Shopping Code! – The New Iconic Fall/Winter Collections

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The New Iconic Line

Modus Vivendi has the pleasure to announce the new Iconic line for Fall 2017, enhancing the ultimate fashion experience it offers customers. As a brand very much ahead of the curve, Modus Vivendi is always striving to improve its every day underwear pieces without compromising on design, style and luxury. With this in mind, Modus Vivendi present the Iconic line, inspired from Calisthenics which is a modern way of body training like cross Fit, boot camps, and obstacle race training.

This hotly anticipated line highlights the need for finding the beauty in our life and focuses on the power we have to achieve our goals with the Greek Olympic spirit of fair competiveness. The name „calisthenics“ has an etymologically Greek root and derives from the ancient Greek words «κάλλος-calos», meaning beauty and «σθένος-sthenos»,meaning power (physical and mental).

The line consists of jockstraps, tanga, mini briefs, briefs, boxers (cotton elastane fabric); bath towel, bath towel robe (cotton towel fabric).

The trending Greek concept, with a touch of Mediterranean warmth, as presented at the new Iconic line, is sure to tempt luxury fashion lovers with an extensive series of classic yet contemporary design, and to offer customers both the utmost in comfort and the absolute best of Greek culture. Top quality and minimalistic design makes it ideal for every day comfort wear and sport activities.

With the exciting new Iconic line, Modus Vivendi is sure to be the next-buy for 2017. For customers looking for pure design, outstanding quality and comfort, their wishes have been granted and it’s in the form of the spectacular Iconic line.

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The Desert Collection

Following a successful summer collection of impressive underwear and swimwear, Modus Vivendi is excited to welcome the Desert Line making an impressive debut. After an artistic reinternment, the classic camouflage print, is presented in the Desert Line with exciting enhancements and a spectacular new look for all pieces from briefs to hoodies.

Christos Bompitsos` inspiration, the Greek wilderness, from sandy landscapes to rocky Mountains in Meteora Greece, enabling the complete revamp of the so called military style will now offer the ideal accompaniment to Modus Vivendi` ‘Lifestyle’. This concept has already proven hugely successful, with highlights including the Camo brief and boxer. Committed to high quality and the local manufacturing, Modus Vivendi ensures the inclusion of local produce on all its products.

Meteora is a truly inspiring and sensational setting of overwhelming rock formations in Central Greece. These gigantic rocks are decorated with historical monasteries, (included in the World Heritage List of Unesco) which were built by monks who were previously hermits in the area, living in individual caves. This magical place has been used for some episodes of the series ‘Game of Thrones’.
Designs include underwear, sportswear and streetwear featuring camouflage print. The Desert Line consists of jockstraps, tanga, bottomless, briefs, boxers (cotton elastane fabric); tanktops, shirts, singlets (light weight fabric); shorts, pants (light weight fabric); hoodie, fur pants (printed faux fur).

The Desert line is a true testament to the outstanding value offered by Modus Vivendi Lifestyle promise and will wake up your will to fight for your way of life.

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The Dali Line

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The artistic endeavours of Salvador Dali were the inspiration of this line. Modern, eccentric and dandy like, this line will set a trend in the fashion world this winter.

The experimental approach with colours and shapes inspired by Dali’s work and mainly by the Melting Watches, showcases Modus Vivendi revolutionary intent and dreamlike attitude. The Dali line can be easily worn as streetwear or sportswear and will make others praise your look.

Designs include underwear, sportswear and streetwear featuring cutting edge designs. The Dali Line consists of bottomless, briefs, boxers (cotton elastane fabric); tanktops (cotton elastane fabric) & meggings (polyamide & elastane fabric).

The Dali Line`s surrealistic feel makes this line excessive and modern, made with extra passion and love; it brings out the artist in you. Uncover your creative side and boost your self-esteem.

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