Modus Vivendi – Aaron Scott – Top Model Interview

Do you conceder yourself a showman?

I myself am an actor so I suppose you could say I do consider myself a show man

What is cheerleading to you?
Cheer to me was an escape of reality, it was a family away from a family, it was just a ton of fun, although I am very retired now.

Are you into extreme sports?

I enjoy diving and climbing I do not quite think you could consider diving as extreme but I enjoy it very much.

Favorite place to travel

My favorite place to travel would have to be The Florid Keys, simply because it is the tropics away from the tropics.

What would you choose if you could choose a different career?

As a different career I would have chosen something medical related due to family involvement and my will to help others.

Any dietary tip? What’s your eating habits?

My number one dietary tip would have to be staying consistent with what you eat followed with intermittent fasting because I am a huge fan of the benefits that it provides not only for your physical health but your mental health as well.

Do you shop online or on brick stores?

I almost never shop online simply due to my favor of face to face interaction.

Any skin care tip?

When it comes to skin care everyone is so different although what needs to be said is that more men need to learn that it is okay to care for your skin. A simple moisturizer and eye cream will bring your face back to life and help prevent damage in the future.

What do you do for fun? Stay home, dinner with friends? Parties and clubs?

For fun I enjoy seeing my friends because positivity is so hard to come by these days it is super healthy to have good energy in your life to keep you motivated. Whether we are at the club or at home we always have a good time.

What’s your favorite tv series or movie?

My favorite TV series would have to be Vampire Diaries simply due to execution of filming and the phenomenal talent of the writers.

Any causes you support?

Actually when it comes to cause my family as well as Adam and I own a 5O1C3 or a non-profit than supplies goods and services throughout impoverished locations all over Nicaragua and Honduras.

Do you read magazines and blogs?

When it comes to magazines or blogs I keep up with mostly cliché niches as everyone else for conversational topics mostly.

Are you on any dating app?

Am I on any dating app? I have tinder solely for travel purposes it gives me something to do while on the road as well as generate conversation.

What’s your super power?

My super power would have to be people. I have and will always love people which works well in a career that is primarily networking. Allowing me to gain and obtain knowledge. Never be afraid to listen.
Have you changed your daily habits to support the environment?
This industry revolves around health and wellbeing and I believe if I am physically and mentally happy with myself then I am content. So no real life style change was involved.

Are you currently in a relationship? What do you value in a partner?

I am not currently in a relationship. Although what I value the most in someone is their ability to love their self. Self-worth is so important to me. You have to know and appreciate your value before you can fully appreciate someone else’s and that for me is the most solid foundation that you can have for any relationship.