MenArt pictures – „Golden Boy“

untitled shoot-2822

He’s the man,

the man with the Midas touch

A spider’s touch

Such a cold finger

Beckons you to enter his web of sin

But don’t go in

He loves only gold

Only gold He loves gold

He loves only gold

Gold; a precious metal that evokes a feeling of richness and warmth, it’s expensive and desired by many.

Our Golden Boy is more than warm he is hot as hell and he’s dangerous. Beautiful, yes desired by many, yes but there is a darkness in his soul that burns through, his dark eyes are scary as he wears and exudes “gold” in the wildest ways.

Golden Boy brings the beauty of gold and the male form together and celebrates the colour in a very artistic way using many mediums, all of them gold.

This set and many others are created by Jylle Navarro and Graham Martin.  They have come together in a collaboration sharing their skills and passion to create portraiture that is different.  Often vibrant including neon colours but always full of energy, pictures with the WOW factor

Art Direction and Makeup by Jylle Navarro

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Photography by Graham Martin

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