Maya Killtron new track „Satin Sheets“

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„With this track I wanted to take it back to my hometown high school summers. Picture it, Brampton 1999 – Cruisin along Queen St on the 1A to Bramalea City Center, summer crushes at the Professor’s lake beach, tryin to catch the eye of the L-section babes for a slow jam at Rec dances, between pizza roll breaks, & bright summer afternoons crushing banquet burgers with the whole squad at Sunny’s. This song is high school Maya, the stacked vocal harmonies, the 90’s bass, the Brampton top down beat. As with all of the Never Dance Alone (my forthcoming Album) tracks, it’s the music I always wanted to make. Not just a nod or throwback, not disposable or following any trend. Its a real gateway into my musical past in ever bar. Syrupy, rich & full of R&B high school angst.  

This year marks the launch of 3 large-scale solo & collaborative projects. It takes time & care to make this music & that’s what we’ve done. We wanted these songs to be lush, syrupy & make you move… & they should sound like an expensive velvet tracksuit. It’s the music I’ve always wanted to make. People need to dance again!“