Matthew Chaim – „Focus“


„This song came from a place of self-motivation. I went into it with the intention of writing something super light and vibey. What came out was this sort of pep talk to myself… telling myself that I need to focus, and shove all my attention into music. And I think it’s working. Less than a month after writing Focus, I quit my full-time job and went all in.

I knew I might be onto something after the release of my debut “Vanilla Ways”, met online buzz and hit #5 on the Spotify Viral Charts leading to an excess of 2.5 million plays on all online platforms. After spending a year building out a catalogue of unreleased music with producers Noah Barer and Austin Tecks, I’m back with my first release of 2017, Focus.

I’ve been producing and releasing a 1-minute video everyday this month on my Instagram in anticipation of today’s release. A music video for Focus is also expected soon, which was shot and edited by myself with the help of a few close friends“