Markus Brehm Photography – Men of Mykonos

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“Men of Mykonos– by Markus Brehm Photography
I have just returned from a trip to the Greek Island of Mykonos, during which I met many wonderful new friends.
As a photographer, my approach of creating images is not only with my camera and it’s lens but my personality.
I love to meet people, spend time chatting with them before and during a shoot.  It puts them at ease and helps me to capture images that portrait their individual characters.

In this collection of images, I would like to introduce the “Men of Mykonos” I had the pleasure of working with.

The images are taken in Mykonos Town, including the „Garden of Mykonos“ (IG @mykonosgarden)
Photography by Markus Brehm (IG @mbmodelphotography)
Vasilis Davaris (IG @vasilisdavaris)
No Fashion Credits
Val Hajzeri (IG @val_hajzeri)
Red Shirt by ‚Zara Man‘
White Shirt ’no brand‘
Jeans by ‚Always Jeans‘
Undewear by ‚code 22‘ supplied by ‚Men and underwear‘
George Ogka (IG @george.ogka)
Shirt by ‚Aristoteli Bitsiani‘
Jeans by ‚Aristoteli Bitsiani‘
Trousers by ‚Aristoteli Bitsiani‘
Underwear by ‚Intimissimi‘
Underwear by ‚Walking Jack‘ supplied by ‚Men and Underwear‘
Dimos Tsakagiannis (IG @dimosthenis_tsakagiannis)
Trousers and T-shirt by ‚zara‘

Anthony Markouizos (IG @tonylightbringermark)