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Hi my name is Mark Montello

I’m 32 years old
I’m tall 1.80 cm
I’m based in Milan, Italy
I’m a free-lance model

My ig account is @mark_montello

I started my modeling carrier one year ago. Since I was young everybody said me that i was beautiful and they sugest me to become a model. But I never followed them.

One year ago I decided to take part to a manphysique competition. I lost that one (eheh).

But after the competition, I was talking with some friends and they asked me again why I never started a modeling career before. They said „you was amazing on the stage! the way you move and the way you was watching all the people, you was incredible“. I don’t know why, but after that talking I decided, for the first time in my life, to start this job. And here I am.

The day after I opened my IG profile and I also started to collaborate with a model agency in Milan sometimes.
Day by day my profiles grew and today I’ve more then 11k of followers, many photographers want collaborate with me and also some company ask me to collaborate together.
When I’m not a model I’m a ramp agent at the airports of Milan. I mean I’m a supervisor of the procedures of safety and security during the tourn arond of the aircraft. In particular my favorite company it’s Lufthansa. The crews are very kind and always smiling and efficient. I love work with them.

And last but not the least, of course I work hard at the gym to build my body. Honestly I can say, that bodybuilding it’s my 3rd job.

Every day I’m spontaneus and crazy.

Because of that I don’t know exatly the meaning of this two words. For example, during a competition, I’m happy of the winnig of an other competitour, or I usually help someone that isn’t kind and polite with me. I think one the most spontaneus thing that I did and I continue to do it’s help all the people which ask my help, or in general people who need help. I think I do this because I believe in the Karma, and I know that everythings you give or you do in your life come backs.

About the social media, I love the way who they give the connection to all the people in all over the world. It’s easy today talk with an other person based in an other country or for example visit a place only watching the pics on your app.

But about the social media I don’t like some type of rules, in particular some censure. I don’t like puritanism, and omophobies rule inside the social media, that censure the posts of LGBTQR comunity.

I usualy wear gym clothes because my jobs. But I’m italian so I can’t dress bad. It’s not in my DNA. Because of that, when I wear something, I love street style mixed up with elegant clothes. For example jeans, blazer, t-shirt and a hat for me are the four „must have“ that everybody must have ever.

I love very much porfumes. Actualy I’m in love with Y of Yves Saint Laurent.

My favorite fashion brands are Dolce e Gabbana e Versace. I love the way this two fashion houses comunicate to and with the people. They can always mix elegance and extravagance with a fashion touch.

You can see this in all their collections. For example Dolce e Gabbana mix the traditional clothes from the south of Italy with glamorous details, and in this way they create their own style.
U can see the same in the clothes of Versace. Versace is pop and glamouros but all the line of the clothes are inspiret by the Magna Grecia, I mean from the ancient Greek.
Well I’m a funny guy, happy and sociable.
I’m based in Milan, so you can go in many place here to have fun.

You can go to walk on the Navigli way, or you can go in Via Montenapoleone and Corso Vittorio Emanuele for a crazy and funny afternoon of shopping.

Then we have here a lot of museum, for exaple Museo del ‚900 in Piazza Duomo, or visit our public Gardens like the most famouse one Castello Sforzesco’s park, (parco Sempione)

And of course you must take a picture from the spiders of Duomo wher you can see all the city.
Well I think that’s the most difficult question of this talking. Well if I have the opportunity to spend a crazy night with a celebrity I’m gonna chose 3 people.
Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and Arad WinWin. The first and the second were my man and woman of my dreams when I was younger. But Arad, eheh, I think I don not give any explanation about him, (lol).

Well my talent it’s in the sports of course. I like very much swim. But I think posing during a photoshooting session is my personal talent. I can understand what the photographer exatly want and I have a good connection with him, and of course I’m really photogenic.

The most important thing online are my social account. instagram @mark_montello twitter @MarkMontello and onlyfans

Go follow up them, you deserve it.

Credits: photographer @_cobalto_