Kaarsen met stolp

MARC INBANE’s candles are handmade, are housed in a mouth blown glass & our wicks are customized to each particular scent.

Each candle is manufactured in a traditional way and precisely hand-poured in layers to blend the wax and the fragrance evenly until the end of the burning time.

Bougie parfumée is currently available in 3 fragrances, which each come in either a black or a white glass housing by your choice.

  • Pastèque Ananas
  • Tabac Cuir
  • Scandy Chic

Kaars wit Scandy op wit met reflectie

MARC INBANE’s scented candles will make a re ned gift, to treat yourself or a loved one, with a feeling of pure indulgence. A haute couture way to enrich any room with a luxurious ambience.

Bougie parfumée garantuees you a minimum burn time of 50 hours!

Kaars zwart ananas op wit reflectie