Luna Grey releases „Nonconformist“

Luna Grey is an abstract individual who is working hard to cement her position as a truly modern crossover hip hop and pop artist. Her third single, Nonconformist, is a fiesty fusion of Luna’s hard hitting lyrics and sweet 808 fills.

This young creative loves to play with melodic rhymes and intoxicating harmonies. Luna Grey’s eclectic combination of sounds has been described as new wave music for the old soul. Previous releases, Heavensent and 7 Days, have boasted powerful vocals and classic elements of urban genres within the pulsing percussion.

The new single, Nonconformist is a rebellious expression from Luna Grey. It boasts her distinctive delivery, narrating a life that thrives outside of the norm. Promoting personal truths and freedom of expression within her music, Luna Grey unveils a darkly emotive re-imagination of pop in 2020.

Luna Grey says: Being a nonconformist is about allowing your mind to think freely, even when society tells us to live in a box. When we challenge ourselves to live and speak our unfiltered truth, we are able to evolve.