Lo Lo – ‚Convenient‘

Bally UK Spring Summer 2019 Collection for him
Orlebar Brown
Pacific Sunwear of California Inc
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„After my breakup, I was feeling low and looking for anything to make myself feel better. I had a lot of wild nights. I connected with someone that finally made me feel better. Not that I needed someone else to feel better, but let’s face it – being alone can suck. He was a great distraction and we had an awesome time together…but that’s all it was. I was still always thinking about my ex. After the summer, the new guy and I went our separate ways. One night, I found out that he was spreading some lies about me and making it out to seem like I was SOOOO into him. 

I went home that night and wrote “Convenient” to make myself feel better. I hate when people make you out to be a certain way when you’re not. I think that happens to a lot of us, and it sucks. I find music a great way to always make sure that my side of the story is heard. This song helped me find myself again. It was never about him – he was just convenient at the time“