Lighting Fixtures: Smart Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Home Bright by Derek Lotts

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If lighting in an indoor space is insufficient, it can make the whole place seem gloomy. Not only will this make you unnecessarily strain your eyes, but it can make you gloomy as well. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided with some well positioned windows and lighting fixtures. And let’s not forget that indoor lights can add a lot to the ambience and the atmosphere of your home. But, how do you know what to choose for your living space to keep it bright and modern at the same time? And, when it comes to lighting, can you overdo it? Take a look at the tips below to answer these and similar questions.

Keep the lighting task oriented

The most important thing about lights inside your home is that they serve their purpose. This means that, before you install any of them, you have to consider what you’ll be doing in each room. Most rooms have a central lighting fixture on the ceiling, which may be enough in some cases, but in others you’ll have to enhance the lighting to be able to perform some of your everyday tasks. For instance, it would probably be a good idea to have one or two additional wall lights and a desk lamp in a study, or even in your bedroom, especially if you enjoy reading before bed. Also, undercabinet lights for your kitchen are something which may prevent many knife-related kitchen accidents, while sidelights around your bathroom mirror combined with an overhead light will allow you to put your makeup flawlessly.

Make it stylish

Other than being helpful while you go through your daily home-related or even business assignments, lighting fixtures are also a great way to introduce some style into any room. One good example is your dining room, where you’ll want the focus to be on the dining table. If you want the room to look contemporary, place two or three simple, yet effective pendants above your table. They will provide plenty of light for your family dinners or dinner parties you organize, while allowing you to establish the kind of style you want. In case you want to make your dining room more rustic, combine a farmhouse table with a gold dome pendant. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for elegance, perhaps a beautiful designer chandelier would be a better choice. Whether you opt for a modern or a classic chandelier, it will instantly become the focal point of the room and add a whole new dimension to the space. It’s now easy to find quality fixtures to complement any type of furniture or room theme, making it simple for you to choose what you like best.

Use it to set the mood

When it comes to the number of lighting fixtures in your home, if you pick them wisely, it’s unlikely that there will be too many of them. After all, they can also serve a decorative purpose, or they can be hidden from view when off, and you don’t have to use them all at the same time. In fact, having several different lighting fixtures in any room provides you with the opportunity to adjust the amount of lighting to your needs, your current mood or the event you’re organizing at any given time. Therefore, if you install sidelights in your walls, or recessed lights in your ceiling, you’ll have hidden lights you can turn on only when you feel the need for them. They can make the room brighter when turned on at the same time as your overhead lights, while they can be utilized as delicate ambient light when used on their own. Finally, another thing that can help you change the mood of a room at will are dimmers, which are probably the simplest way to control the intensity of lights in any part of your living space

Use accent lighting

Accent lights are very efficient when it comes to emphasizing various design elements and pieces of décor. They are also a smart way to introduce a slight touch of drama into your rooms. And since their role is simply to accentuate things such as artwork, fireplaces, furniture pieces, or statement pieces like mirrors, they should be as simple as you can find them, so that they don’t draw attention to themselves instead. Their design should be neutral and subtle. If they’re meant to illuminate something on one of your walls, you have the option of placing them above or below it. If you want their effect to be softer, it’s better to install accent lights below the artwork or anything else you want to emphasize. In case you’re trying to utilize this type of lighting to highlight a larger piece of furniture, a wise solution would be to put the lighting fixtures behind it, or on the floor around it. Accent lighting can help you add some sophistication to your living room, bedroom, or even your hall, so use them wherever you see fit.

Lighting can make your home a much more comfortable, as well as more aesthetically pleasing place. By following these useful tips, you’ll turn your home into a place you’ll enjoy spending your time in and one where you’ll proudly invite any of your friends.