Leuca & Mike Green – „Right Now“

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„My music always comes from an authentic place. Whether it’s something I’ve been through, witnessed, or experienced in any way, I want to make that evident through what I’ve been made good at. Before, my music felt more serious and direct, but now I’m trying to  explore different feels and have a bit more fun while I’m at it.

Alongside producer/songwriter, Mike Green, I’m set to release my Don’t Tell Me What To Do EP on July 11th. The first single of off this collaborative project is titled “Right Now,” a song that I wrote about being in a gray area of my relationship. There was no clear motive for where the relationship was heading, almost like it had reached its climax and everything was about to come crashing down.

I was literally in that position of uncertainty, in my feelings, so I just wrote how I felt and made it catchy. I oversimplified which is something I wasn’t really used to. Mike had been on me about my writing and I feel that “Right Now” is the perfect fusion of our sounds. I brought the idea to him from a voice note on my phone and he literally flipped the idea, which was at first a slower ballad type song, to an upbeat dance track. Turned out to be a hit in my opinion.