Le Fix AW18 ‚Whatever‘ Collection

We gave our loved one to the key to our house for the first time. A vulnerable act, as we didn’t just give them our key. We handed them access to everything we own and expected them to handle it with care and consideration. Eventually it broke. Whatever.

The upcoming AW18 collection from Le Fix focuses on the balance between good and bad, order and anarchy, success and failure – and how to find beauty on both ends of the spectrum. Whatever makes it easier to stay clam in the midst of chaos and heartbreak while teaching us not to fear the unknown. It’s an attitude that brightens your mind, lets you shake things off and move on to better things.

The materials of the collection are a mix of cotton, wool and polyester fabrics turned into casual wear with a sporty aesthetic. We’ve used black, white, burgundy melange, turquoise, army green and neon green colours on the fabrics of Whatever as well as for various prints and embroideries. The collection also consists of watercolour motifs made as allover patterns, showing the idea behind Whatever in a visually striking manor.