Langston Francis – „Circles“ – Official Music Video

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„“Circles” was first brought to life while my friend and I were freestyling/playing guitar behind my school. About a week later, I decided that I wanted to try and cut the song when I was in the studio with my team. I had the idea to use some reverse piano sounds off the jump and from there, I sang the hook that I had initially been singing over the different guitar chords. It all started to come together around that.

This song is about a relationship that may have felt healthy and productive at one time, but has fallen into that circular phase where you aren’t moving forwards or backwards – you’re moving in circles so you’re basically stagnant. I think that’s one of the worst feelings in any type of relationship, whether it be with a person or in your work.

I’m super amped about the “Circles” video – I think it’s definitely the best one we’ve done so far. I got to work with one of the favourite directors, Elliot Clancy-Osberg (FCKD IT UP) for the second time, and he really nailed this one. Without giving too much away, it’s essentially a lot of VFX, and I spent most of the shoot literally spinning on a circular podium.“