Kyle Hake – Top Model Interview

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Name: Kyle Hake
Age: 29
Height: 5’10”
Hometown: Chicago
Agency: unsigned
Instagram: khakes_chi

1. How did you get into modeling?

I honestly couldn’t tell you.  I am finally at the point in my life where I am happy and success with my main career path and happy with my body.  I think it’s just another way expressing myself.

2. What are you doing if you are not modeling?

I’m actually a full time pharmacist.  I love being able to help people feel better and live healthier lives.

3. The most spontaneous/difficult/strange thing you’ve ever done?

My move to Chicago was quite spontaneous.  I had just finished a great trip to New Orleans for Halloween and met a fabulous group of friends from Chicago so I decided to start the process the next week.

4. What do you love on Social Media? – What do you hate on Social Media?

I love following people to get ideas for fashion, costuming, etc.  I’m a huge video games nerd so I love to take popular characters and make them my own. I hate the ego that Instagram etc. gives people, people need to stop taking it so seriously and have fun with it.

5. Describe your personal style – Favorite Brands/Fragrance?!

I’m really just a huge video game nerd, boy next door type of guy.  Most of my clothes are very simplistic, not very big on certain brands or labels.  I buy corned that make me feel great about myself or to express my nerdy side.

6. Describe yourself in 3 words:

Outgoing, Thoughtful, Calculating

7. Where are your roots – The best thing about/to do in your hometown?

I’m from Springfield, Ohio, a little town outside of Columbus.  I would say honestly nothing beats family time by a bonfire or watching the stars on a cool summer night.

8. Name one celebrity youd like to get naughty with!

Shawn Mendes

9. Do you have any special Talents?

I wouldn’t say it’s a special talent but I have a keen ability to read people/ or a situation that I’m in.  I’m definitely and empath and can read someone’s emotions before they even open their mouth.

10. What is the most interesting thing online at the moment?

I’m fascinated by the evolution of drag culture to be honest, especially how quickly it has gone mainstream here in the States.

Photo credits:

Brad French Photography

Instagram: bfrench_photography
*Architect by trade, into Urban Exploration and Droning, and fitness photography