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How did you get into modeling?

Back in 2005, I was discovered and first photographed by French photographer Fred Goudon. Two years later, I was scouted and signed to Request Model Management (New York) and Elite Model Management (Milan). Basically, I began my career walking the runway for Smalto, Kenzo, and Alexis Mabille. One thing leading to another, I ended up featured on the “Dior Addict” campaign by Christian Dior – alongside supermodel Daphne Groeneveld. Things skyrocketed by themselves thanks to collaborations with talented photographers such as Tim Walker, François Rousseau, Fred Goudon, Olivier Rieu, Sam Scott Schiavo, Bruna Kazinoti, Julien Cozzolino, Marc Hervouet, Joe Laï, Marcelo Capizzano, Michael Baumgarten, Matthieu Dortomb, Quentin Caffier – I owe them my best photographs, and my career as a model.

What do you do when not modeling?

Most people know me from modeling and social media. But I’m also a film director, cinematographer, graphic designer, music producer, and songwriter – with a marketing and communications background. Versatility and constant knowledge expansion are my oxygen.

Can you recall your most embarrassing moment?

Back when I collaborated with a specific record label, I was in charge of managing and elevating an artist’s career. I directed music videos, co-produced singles, promoted releases and toured with the individual. It was an unexpected overnight success with millions of streams, press coverage, radio broadcasts and TV appearances. Until I found out the record label – owned by the artist – never paid featured recording artists, producers, remixers, songwriters despite contractual obligations. My immediate reaction was to terminate any and all collaboration with that artist – as being defrauded and duped into investing so much time, effort and creativity was quite frankly an embarrassment for everyone involved. Shortly after, the record label filed for bankruptcy and ceased all operations. Meanwhile, I got cast to be featured in the “Dior Addict” TV commercials “Be Iconic” and “Eau Délice”. Since then, I’ve never stopped modeling and thriving on my passion for film directing.

What do you love and hate about social media?

Social media brings the world at your fingertips. It is so diverse, like a limitless tropical jungle. Depending on your use of it, it can be super inclusive or completely divisive. For example with platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, people’s creativity is boosted and incredible talents are discovered. With Instagram and Snapchat however, the saturation of instant content is simply toxic. Mostly because anything posted is literally forgotten the very next second you saw it, making people crave for more without even taking the time to enjoy or understand what they just randomly “liked”. Let’s not even talk about Twitter, the most negative platform there is. The gratuitous obscenity, vulgarity, cruelty and abuse that goes on there… always leave me baffled. Social media is to be used with caution and moderation. Like any drug, it can lead to severe adverse effects.

What about your personal style?

Colors please ! Hehe ^^ I live for colors. Colorful personalities need to make others feel good on a daily basis, and it starts with your own clothing style. Bright colors, yet nothing aggressive. People are unconsciously very receptive to colors, and it always comes with a smile. Though no need to go high fashion. You need to feel comfortable first, and then why not splurge on stylish expensive pieces occasionally.

What are your favorite parts of your body?

“Favorite” is a strong word. Let me just point out those I’m confident about : eyes, lips and booty 😉

Where are your roots?

Most definitely on the French Rivieria with my foster family, my sister Victoria, my brother Mickaël, as well as with my long-time friends Zoltàne, Fanny, and Émeline.

Name one celebrity you could get naughty with!

Matt Dallas.

Do you have any special talents?

Haha, special talents ? What kind of special talents are we talking about here ? 🙂 I am flexible… Just kidding ^^ Aside of my versatility – work wise, obviously lol – I’m fluent in French, English, and I can understand Spanish, along with Italian. More seriously, I’m just your regular boy next door. Nothing extraordinary worth mentioning.

What is the funniest thing online at the moment?

Honestly, the whole “Donald Trump presidency” thing. Funny, borderline scary and weird. It’s just sad to watch the most powerful country in the world go backwards and be turned into global ridicule by the words and actions of its own leader. Hopefully, the people of the United States will be proactive and make their elected officials intervene to prevent history from repeating itself.

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– Instagram : instagram.com/Kayden.Boche
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– YouTube : youtube.com/KaydenBocheTV

01. Kayden Boche by photographer Julien Cozzolino
02. Kayden Boche by photographer Fred Goudon
03. Kayden Boche featured in the „Dior Addict“ TV commercial
04. Kayden Boche and supermodel Daphne Groeneveld (behind the scenes of the „Dior Addict“ TV commercial)
05. Kayden Boche by photographer Julien Cozzolino
06. Kayden Boche by photographer François Rousseau
07. Kayden Boche by photographer Arnaud Pauchenne
08. Kayden Boche by photographer Julien Cozzolino
09. Kayden Boche by photographer Arnaud Pauchenne
10. Kayden Boche and „90210“ TV star Jessica Lowndes (backstage in the recording studio for her hit single „Undone“)