KA WA KEY – S/S19 Collection LFWM SHOW shot by EMMI HYYPPÄ

KA WA KEY SS19 collection is called “Picture of a Monk”.

Pictures of young monks inspired SS19 collection. It is an imaginative story of one the monks imagining and dreaming about being a model in the works of photographer Ren Hang. KA WA KEY used its trademark fabric treatments such as devore and painting to create dreamy mood of this collection. They also created “new fabric” which is cotton polyester blend raincoat with water resistant features. KA WA KEY used earthy textures and fabrics such as Irish linen and cotton as well as colors inspired by Picture(s) of Buddhist monks.

KA WA KEY is holding an on-schedule presentation, featuring performers and dancers Lee Hoy, Max Gershon andRyan Appiah-Sarpong, at London Fashion Week Men’s. Exploring and expressing emotions, change, transformation and reincarnation. The presentation is a combination of movement-based choreographed and improvised performance and KA WA KEY SS19 designs.

“I cannot make you understand, I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. One morning I woke up from uneasy dreams and found myself transformed.”