Johny Dar’s new single slays like an alien army on ecstasy… ‘Its all about the Gigi’

02 - JOHNY DAR - Johny Dar Dardelica portrait

A next generation dance track that is as surprising as it is compelling, Johny Dar’s new single ‘Gigi’ delivers a fresh, new sound that is sexy, seductive and sure of itself. A taste of the upcoming Dardelica live show that bodes well for dance music lovers, Gigi is a treat for the senses and a sonic gateway to new

realms of experience, on the dance floor and beyond.

Invoking an eclectic fusion of styles, from steel drum arabian bellydance hooks to classical strings, alien rap and vocal popping, Gigi plays with trap, caribbean and oriental influences, but succumbs to none. Instead the track spins a dance cyclone that is both centred and sub- sumed by Johny Dar’s unmistakable alien-rap.

But the alien-rap in the track is not its only vo-
cal element; Gigi also drops some feisty human
lyrics that bring a touch of alien gangster to the
arena, and Dar’s original vocal instrumentation
intermingles with synths, congas and bass lines
to create a rich, sensual tapestry of musicality.
Yet despite its abundant references, Gigi somehow
retains a sense of the minimal and progressive, and the edge of an enigma. A welcome opportunity for movers and shakers to break beyond their four to the floor comfort zones, Gigi’s mesmeric hooks, dirty drops and serpentine rhythms engage ears then bodies in a sonic seduction that is unexpected, undeniable and eventually euphoric.

By now, it’s evident that Dar and Dan Vinci’s quest to deliver an original musical expres- sion goes far beyond the novelty factor of alien-rap. Designed to inspire and empower movement that brings the mover new dimensions of ecstasy and intimacy, Gigi delivers with a pristine proficiency that promises an even wilder ride to come, in the form of the album and live show. You could say it’s yoga for ravers. You could say its foreplay for

lovers. You could just get down and dirty and not care what it’s called. The fact is – it feels good. Really good… The kind of good when you can’t forget ‘it’s all about the Gigi’.

With the Dardelica album fast approaching from the future like a mother-ship entering our orbit, we begin to glimpse the dawning of a new sonic phenomenon beckoning us to ex- plore new realms, audibly, physically, individually and collectively. With Gigi on the scene, the solar winds pick up and earth begins to tremble in anticipation of the imminent galactic invasion, as the latest transmission drops into our planetary sphere. We find ourselves in enticing, exciting, unknown music territory, where earthlings can let go, free up and enjoy ‘gigi’ unlimited by normal forms of spelling, meaning or definition (Is it ‘gigi’ or ‘jiggy’? We can not be entirely sure…) With alien-rap as a cosmic catalyst for extra- dimensional audio experiences, the Dardelica spaceship is set to create an inter-stellar musical storm in 2018. In Gigi, its seductive single outrider, we encounter a track formu- lated to activate audiences beyond the domain of the mundane in both mind and body. You have been warned: the alien-rap has landed and a new light is shining on the horizon of human experience. We can only imagine what will happen when the aliens really ar- rive…