JOHNY DAR shares “Alien Animal”

Johny Dar is not holding back. ‘If you’re not ready to launch, don’t hit play’ he says of his new single ‘Alien Animal’.

Of course, you hit play. The new Dardelica release is not to be missed, not least because if dance music is on brink of new evolution, after decades of sub-genres and remixes, like it or not it – it can’t be ignored.  The previous Dardelica single ‘Gigi’, released earlier this year, met with critical acclaim and was hailed as a track that ‘leads the way’ and exists ‘in world of its’s own’ (Clash Magazine). Johny Dar’s tagline ‘where the future starts’ is clearly a concept he is committed to.

’Alien Animal’ offers a new invitation and fresh insight into the original world of Dardelica. Wild and eccentric – true to it’s name – the track is a visceral celebration of the instinctive and primal, with compelling bass lines and gravelly undertones that conjure a sense of playful suspense and a very real alien animal on the prowl. Authentic animal sounds build a sensory sonic jungle, fused with Dar’s unique vocal instrumentation and alien-rap – an original language, developed over decades, and revealed in new forms and dimensions within every Dardelica track.

‘Alien Animal’ does not compromise on any count, refusing to submit itself to any existing mould, genre or precedent, like the alien animal himself, who lays down his resolute independence with a dangerous bass line and a warning not to be ignored: ‘Don’t you get in my way…It’s my way or no way…’

The track, as it’s title suggests, is a conceptual cross breed boasting an unabashed sense of completeness which extends from earth to stars, fuelling the track with a sense of victory and readiness. For while ‘Alien Animal’ shakes the dance floor from its roots, it also extends its cosmic claws beyond the primordial. A celebration of individuality and self-acceptance, ‘Alien Animal’ is about fearlessly claiming self-identity, even if it lies outside descriptive social norms. Johny Dar leads the way – a renowned fashion designer and artist, unashamedly claiming his animal alien-ness before the world.

But Dar is not alone, and he knows it. The call of ‘Alien Animal’ resounds with confidence, inviting audiences to embrace and celebrate the freak, outcast, or alien parts of their own personalities and join the alien stomping ground (‘Do you hear me now…do you feel me now?’). And once that alien groove gets under your skin, it’s hard to resist.

Whether or not the alien animal within is hungry for liberation, the track is a trip into the cosmic jungle worth taking, if only to sip on its exceptional interstellar juice – a sonic concoction that definitely can’t be found elsewhere. Guided by Dar’s alien-rap and bedrocked by Dan Vinci’s slick production, ‘Alien Animal’ unites the animalistic and intergalactic, and delivers earth a universal tribal anthem that embraces everyone.