Jogee With a G – „I Know How It Feels“

„Born and raised in Brazil, I began making music when I was 14, shortly after moving to Canada. What began as experimentations with childish sounds and beats has expanded through my study of jazz theory and religiously practicing on my OP1 synthesizer.

I Know How It Feels,” a new single lifted from my forthcoming Greenery album, is about the struggle with procrastinating on self care and eventually coming to terms with it. The song explores the idea that words have power and that the first step to overcome self-loathing is keeping a positive and clear headspace. It stays realistic, acknowledging life’s difficulties while bringing light to the fact that the drama can be what makes life fun to live sometimes. “

„Greenery draws on metaphors to symbolize growth and reaching maturity. I’ve always really liked plants and how they thrive under very specific conditions. Through my life, I’ve always been moving around so I got to see that the same is true to humans – I wanted to portray that in the album.“