Jimmy Lynn – Top Model Interview

Name:Jimmy Lynn

Age: 32

Height: 5’11

Hometown: London

Agency: I had an agency in Italy (All in 1), now I’m looking for an agency in London

Instagram: @jimmymarklynn

1. How did you get into modeling?
Few years ago a fashion photographer in Milan asked me if I wanted to do a photoshoot

2. What are you doing if you are not modeling?
I’m an illustrator and graphic designer

3. Whats your most embarrassing moment?
When I’m naked and the photographer is a woman

4. What do you love on Social Media? – What do you hate on Social Media?
I like the way social media can connect people all over the world. Everybody can speak their mind and leave a mark, not just rich people.
But I think people spend too much time on social media, especially the youngest, getting anxious and depressed comparing their lives with others

5. Describe your personal style?!
I like to see what’s new, but I follow fashion just if I really like it.

6. Favorite part of your body?!

7. Where are your roots?

8. Name one celebrity youd like to get naughty with!
Jeremy Meeks

9. Do you have any special Talents?
I’m a great drawer

10. What is the most interesting thing online at the moment?
I like the way black people are helping and supporting each other through social media to fight against racism, prejudice and discrimination.
Some celebrities, such as Lupita Nyong’o and Octavia Spencer, are doing great efforts, they are changing the world. Very inspiring!