Jay Lev’s story about Mental Health

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„In a world where we strive for equality thousands of men stay silent. Fear of being judged, branded weak or abandoned by friends and family, labeled damaged goods. Being scared to open up due to the taboo attached to ‚mental health‘.

The feeling of being alone in a room full of people. The demons in your head over-powering your positive thoughts. Only safe within your your home for fear of looks and voices of peers and public. Drink, drugs, self harm.

Anything to mask the pain or find a release. We have forgotten to teach our generation that having emotions or feeling as a male is not weak. And talking about them and seeking support only makes us stronger.

Nobody can win a war without an army. Now I know that nearly every person at some point has been touched by mental health.  In the UK men remain three times as likely to take their own lives than women and in the Republic of Ireland for times as likely. Are you brave enough now to speak up and share this.

I’ll happily go first. My name is Jay Lev, I am a male. I suffered and have suffered from mental health. From substance misuse, anxiety, depression and self harm. I battle it every day and night. I have no shame admitting this.  Can you do the same?

Let’s see who is brave enough to share this and let our brothers know they are never alone and we are all only a message away.
You don’t have to have battled mental health to support it.
Let’s spread awareness and show it makes you stronger to speak up than it does to stay silent. Every share could save a life or be a voice for someone fighting alone.
Be that change!“
Story by James Leverton and Photography by Markus Brehm