Jake Burns – Top Model Interview

Name: Jake Burns
Age: 24
Height: 183cm
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Agency: Wink Models

Instagram: @jakkeee__

1. How did you get into modeling?

Modelling was something I hadn’t really given much thought to, I hated getting my photo taken! But I had someone tell me I should get into it, so I approached a photographer on Instagram and we got together for a shoot. I didn’t love the final images, because I wasn’t used to seeing myself in that way, but I’m a perfectionist so I booked a new shoot with another photographer, and knowing what to expect this time, went in with my A Game. Some of my favourite images are from that shoot! And the rest is history haha!

2. What are you doing if you are not modeling?

I work full time in retail, so that pretty much takes up all of my spare time! Gotta pay them bills! But I love movies and getting out and seeing new places, did someone say road trip!?

3. Whats your most embarrassing moment?

I’m not entirely sure! I can tend to be a pretty awkward, goofy person, so I’m always saying dumb things or reacting to things in stupid ways, so I don’t really get embarrassed that easily anymore. So I don’t really have a Most embarrassing moment.

4. What do you love on Social Media? – What do you hate on Social Media?

I love the ability to connect to people that I wouldn’t normally have any connection with, and the ability to express myself creatively. But I feel like a lot of pressure comes with social media, Everyone displays a perfect, edited version of themselves, and it’s very easy to compare yourself to the perfect people whom you follow. But I read a quote once which said, “No one advertises their failures online, only their success. So don’t compare yourself to other people’s success when they’ve failed just as much as you, or anyone else.” You don’t know how long it’s taken for others to get the success they have. So I think the tendency to compare ourselves to influencers or models on social media is a huge issue facing people my age.

5. Describe your personal style?!

I love me some denim! Denim and some converse – can’t go wrong! But I don’t really have one style, I like to mix it up and see what works

6. Favorite part of your body?!

Probably my hair. I’ve always struggled with body positivity and body image, because I’m a perfectionist and I like to compare myself to others. But my hair is something I can control and something I get complimented on a lot.

7. Where are your roots?

Australia, I was born and raised here in sunny Queensland, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

8. Name one celebrity youd like to get naughty with!

Haha! Rihanna all the way! She is stunning and honestly never looks bad, although I do have a massive crush on Shawn Mendez, that face!

9. Do you have any special Talents?

Not really, I used to draw a lot so I’m not too bad at that, and I like to write, I’ve written a book and started a few others. Anything creative, hence why I enjoy modeling so much. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t creatively express myself.

10. What is the most interesting thing online at the moment?

Disney just released the trailer for the upcoming Lion King remake and you better know I’ll be pushing my way past all the kids to be first in line to see that movie! Over and over again haha!