Jack Mackenroth´s Intimate Interview -„Bullied? – I was tortured in High School…..“

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A like: Available…are you still single?

Available. I’m totally looking to settle down. I’m a bottom and sober so any tops who don’t party can feel free to apply. I can’t be with someone who likes to drink a lot or do drugs. Been there done that. I’ve got my shit together and I think I’m a pretty good catch. I’d prefer someone around my age 35-50 or so.B like: Bullied…Have you been bullied at school, or have you been the popular one? 

Oh god–I was tortured in high school. I was very short and effeminate. I didn’t hit puberty until I was 15. I looked like a girl so I was constantly made fun of and even physically bullied. I wanted to be invisible. I came into my own in college and after I moved to New York in 1991.C like: Cry…when did you cry the last time and why?

I cry often. I just watched the Amy Winehouse documentary which is amazing and absolutely tragic. I cried during that. It’s so devastating to see how talented she was but also so wounded and sick.D like: Dick. Did you…have sex with someone in order to get something, if not…would you?

Hmmmm. I think we all often have ulterior motives when we have sex. We want to get something out of it–pleasure, validation, affection. Have I ever slept with someone to get something specific, like money or a job? Yes. When I was young I had a sugar daddy who helped me with bills and paid my rent. I don’t regret it but I wouldn’t do it now. Now I’m the sugar daddy.  HA!E like: Embarrassing…your most embarrassing moment?

Oh god. Recently I texted a naked sexual photo to the wrong person. HAHAHA–I sent it to someone I barely know. Luckily he is gay as well and thought it was funny. I don’t get embarrassed by very much. I had a couple teachers in high school that thought I was a girl when I was 14 and that was horrifying. Usually when I do something embarrassing I just post it on Twitter.
F like: Favorite part of your body?
Well I’m known online for my ass and my chest because they are big. I like parts of my physicality but I also know that all of that will eventually fade and sag and get wrinkly. I think my favorite part is my brain. That sounds like such a Miss Universe pageant answer but it’s true. I’m proud of the work I have done and what I have created with my intellect.
by Matt Monath @mattmonathphoto
G like: a Guilty pleasure of yours you cant seem to quit!

I’m addicted to watching Netflix and eating junk food in bed before I go to sleep. It’s a horrible habit and that’s why I have to work out constantly.H like: History…If you could go back in time and change history, what would you change? Why?

No. I don’t believe in living with regrets.
I like: Interview…A question you’d like to answer but never been asked in interviews.

I can’t think of one. Believe it or not I’m quite introverted. I seem very public online but I don’t feel like there is anything I want people to know that I haven’t said in some capacity.J like: Job…the worst and the best job you ever had?

I’ve had so many bad jobs. One summer I cleaned office buildings from 6 pm to 3 in the morning. I worked in patient transport at a hospital where I had to wheel people around in wheelchairs or stretchers when I was 17. It was pretty awful. I got someone stuck in an elevator once. I can remember if they were conscious. I hope not.
The best job I ever had is my current one. I’m the Senior Communications Officer at MSMGF. We do a lot of amazing advocacy work for gay men (MSM) around the world regarding HIV, general sexual health and civll rights. My boss and my coworkers are amazing. There’s a lot of passion and talent here. Every day is a challenge but also inspiring.
K like: Kiss…Tell us about your last kiss!

Wow. You’re getting personal. My last kiss was very nice. It was with someone I’ve had a twitter crush on for a while. He’s a really good kisser. That’s all I’m going to say.L like: Lie…What was the last lie you told?

I honestly can’t think of one. I pretty much tell it like it is. I used to lie a lot when I was young. To get out of trouble.
M like: Memory…What was the naughtiest thing you done as a kid?
Jesus these questions are creative!  My extended family used to call me „Bad Jack“ because I used to get my siblings and cousins in trouble by blaming stuff on them. Once I was playing with matches in an abandoned field near our house and the brush fire got out of control and I ran away and left it and didn’t tell anyone. The fire department had to be called to out out the fire. I was around 8 or 9 then.
And I used to shoplift all the time–mostly candy.
N like: Naughty…Name one celebrity you’d love to get naughty with …and why!

Joe Manganiello. Duh. Have you seen him?O like: One-Nighter…Are you a one-nighter?

Not usually. I use apps like Scruff. But I prefer a regular partner.

image1P like: Prank…What was the weirdest prank you have ever made? 

That’s hard. I’m funny but not a real prankster. I think pranks are usually at the expense of others so they are not really my thing. I did give my sister one of my school papers to use as homework for the very same teacher 2 years later, He did’t notice. I got an A and she got a B on the exact same paper. Clearly he was not the best teacher.

And once I dumped and entire bucket of caterpillars on her head when we were kids. She still hasn’t forgiven me for that.Q like: Queen…Your advice on how to be a queen?

Just be yourself. Own all of your uniqueness–your remember that your „flaws“ make you original. And NEVER listen to the haters. Especially in the internet. Just do your thing.R like: Regret…Do you regret anything?

No. Why bother? I learn form mistakes and move on.S like: Spontaneous…The most spontaneous or strangest thing you have ever done?

I just moved across the country to the Bay Area for this job after living New York for 25 years. I only brought 2 suitcases. I just figured it all out when I got here. I didn’t even have a place to live.
T like: Touch…something you would not touch with a ten foot pole?

Latex. I’m deathly allergic. And no that is not a condom reference. 😉U like: Ugly…Ugly and live forever, or attractive and die in a year?

Ewwwww–who wants to live forever? I don’t want either of those options.V like: Vision…Do you have a vision for your life?

Yes and no. I try to live in the present as much as possible. That being said, I do want to get married and get a dog and continue developing my career in HIV activism and advocacy.W like:  What…was your kinkiest wet dream?

I’ve literally never had a wet dream. Group sex dreams are fun though. Even though I’m really more of a one-on-one type of guy in reality.
X like: x in seXy…Whats your most sexy photo and the story behind?

I like the photos from my shoots with Justin Monroe. You can find them online. They are the closest thing to porn I’ve ever done. He’s fun to work with and he’s slutty and sex positive. The shoots are fun and the guys on set are always hot. He encourages you to be free and sexual. I did one shoot with him and another model Ben Patrick Johnson. The concepts was a play on masculine and feminine and we were wearing some women’s lingerie and some butch stuff. Ben’s big dick was flopping around all over the place and rubbing up against me half of the time. HA! that was fun. Plus they are both great guys.Y like: You…If there was one thing you would want us to know about you, what would it be?

I’m a genuinely nice guy. I have my own struggles just like everyone else. I’m far from perfect but I make an effort to be proud of myself and live a shame-free life.Z like: Zombie…How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

I totally wouldn’t. I would take a tons of pills before shit got crazy.

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Marjolein Annegarn from Amsterdam

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