j-rob – “Fuck12”

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Fuck12” is inspired by my experiences with police brutality.
„For so long, I felt powerless around police because of the way I was abused. I wanted to write something that would take some power back.
This song is meant to both express my distaste with the state of relations between the police and black folk, while also resonating with others and empowering them.

Poolboy and I produced the song together. I told him I wanted to do something real raw and showed him a few examples, then it all rolled together naturally.“

„Even if you don’t personally relate to my story, most people have some sort of oppression to be angry about. I want you to reach inward and release all that pent up rage and yell with me.
Fuck12” is my rally call.
If you connect with the song, feel free to share it with a friend and spread awareness.“


 Photo Cred: Calli Cohen