J.O. Mairs – „Lingo“ – Music Video

„The thought process and expectations of society make many feel as if they don’t belong, that they need to conform to gain any status. I feel like society is flawed and has never had the best interest of the people in mind. Considering myself a member of my own society keeps me focused on doing what I do, without worrying about how it may be perceived. It’s about always fighting for the things you want and not letting anybody or anything make you feel like you’re not where you should be.

LINGO” approaches the idea of understanding the bigger picture of what’s happening in our society. It also touches on the lack of community felt throughout the world that would make a massive difference in fighting for equality.

I wasn’t trying to come off as super political or anything like that. The hook just happened then the verse pretty much started to write itself. When I got to working on the beat, I just knew that something real had to be said on it.“