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In 2017, L’EAU MAJEURE D’ISSEY reinvented Issey Miyake’s pioneering aquatic note for the 21st century. Water, in a major key. Primordial. Essential. Elemental.
A masculine symbol of strength and energy.

Today, L’EAU SUPER MAJEURE D’ISSEY unleashes the power of water, with a new, exhilarating blend. Confident. Vibrant. Super-strong.
Boosting your potential. Rising to any challenge.
Empowered by water, nothing is impossible.


A super-intense scent for the night

Aurélien Guichard and Fabrice Pellegrin, the perfumers who composed L’EAU MAJEURE D’ISSEY, amplify its assertive, masculine accords to reveal their full force in L’EAU SUPER MAJEURE D’ISSEY.

Feeling the rush. A super-vigorous surge of aromatic notes, infused with essence of clary sage and rosemary.

Riding the peak of the wave. A super-black, super-salty heart. Textured by dark patchouli, vibrant ambery woods and an overdose of cashmeran, black salt boosts the scent’s swirling accords.

Diving deep into the night. A potent, super-smoky drydown. Smooth tonka bean and black vanilla from Madagascar add a dark, leather and smoke undertow.

As smooth and forceful as salt-burned, sun-seared driftwood. As bold and bracing as crashing ocean waves.

The ultimate super-water: L’EAU SUPER MAJEURE D’ISSEY.

A power statement bottle in vibrant blue

Polished as sea glass, as though sculpted by tumultuous waves, Todd Bracher’s design conveys the super-intensity and night-time vibe of the scent. The glass bottle turns into a gradient of vibrant blue, reflected by the brushed metallic blue of the cap. A supersized silver logo block asserts the bottle’s sleek, powerful lines.

A supersized, super-vibrant campaign
Imagined by the master of interactive design Yugo Nakamura, a close collaborator of Issey Miyake’s teams, the print campaign plays on the swirling motif of the “S” and the amplified shape of the bottle.

A super-duo reinvents the taste of water
Masculine and feminine. Salty and sweet. Sea water and nectar. The smoky intensity of salt-laced vanilla and tonka. The scent of a fruit, the flavor of a flower.

Contrasting yet complementary, L’EAU SUPER MAJEURE D’ISSEY and L’EAU D’ISSEY PURE Nectar de Parfum introduce two new flavors to Issey Miyake’s olfactory palette.

Two visions of the taste of water. Two versions of a life-affirming force.