Introducing – PYRATES – Smart Fabrics

„We’re Pyrates smart fabrics (@pyratessmartfabrics), a spanish sustainable, unisex, high-performance, luxury streetwear brand, based on innovation and well-being, and we wanted to send you the editorial of our latest collection, Gea, ( a collab with photographer David Massa @massacosmica) for we believe you might be interested in publishing it, since our biggest market is Germany at the moment.“

„We create clothing that protects the body from exterior, harmful elements, such as pollution, through designs that remain functional and easily adaptable to the wearer’s active and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Our designs are made from our functional and non-synthetic Pyratex® fabrics, enclosing natural active fibres with proven health and well-being enhancing properties. Also, and due to one of our core values being sustainability, we do not work with seasons, but rather have a permanent collection to which we add capsules.“

„Gea, our new capsule addition, presents pure, organic designs, a return to basics and renewal of our relationship with nature and its benefits through our natural fabrics.“