Introducing Archivio


Archivio is a multidisciplinary creative team. The brand represents a unique intersection between art and fashion. Its creativity comes to life through the reinterpretation of iconic fashion pieces blended with a timeless and authentic design. Iconographic research and contemporary aesthetics merge together and become the core of every creative process of the brand. A daring design of hybrid silhouettes connects the feminine and masculine in a single universe.

“Made in Italy” design and high quality materials are a fundamental value of the brand.

Bodies are bound by single-breasted jackets in jewel closures. The necklines were designed to expose a particular cleavage while feminine silhouettes are hidden under a long outerwear and wide lapels. An ambiguous style between the italian sensual elegance of the 90s Remarkable by its masculine over coats, and the casual coziness inspired by the oversize clothes of the American rap subculture, where body takes shape through drawstrings and technical details.