How to throw an unforgettable birthday party for your kid by Mia Ackerson

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A birthday is a very special day in every child’s life and all the kids look forward to their birthday party. It is one day of the year when everything is about them and when they’re in the center of everyone’s attention. Naturally, such an event requires quite a good organization, which isn’t always easy. Nevertheless, you can start learning about how to throw a memorable birthday party with a few simple tips and tricks.

Decide on the budget

When planning a birthday party for your child, the first thing you need to do is to decide on your budget. When you know your limit, it is much easier to organize all the other birthday features. However, that doesn’t mean that if your budget is limited, you can’t throw an awesome party. The key is in being aware of your financial capabilities and using them in the right way. Of course, if you have more money at your disposal, you can choose a birthday venue, order spectacular party decorations, hire live entertainers, order an exclusive cake as well as snacks. But it’s not all about the extravaganza. Children can also have lots of fun at parties organized at home, decorated with DIY decorations, where they can play all kinds of exciting games. If you put some thought and effort into organizing a party, it’s bound to be successful.

Pick a theme

All the children have a favourite character, story, sport or some activity. You can use this to make it a part of your kid’s special day, and we’re sure he or she will love it! Any theme can be a theme for the birthday party. Even a loose theme is a theme good enough, it leaves you more room for experimentation and improvisation. You can choose a Barbie party theme and come up with appropriate decorations and activities, you can choose a football-themed party, an Elsa-themed party, and so on. The options are numerous. This is an activity your kid can actually help you with.

Consider a perfect gift for your kid

Besides thinking about the aspects of the perfect birthday party, you mustn’t forget a birthday present for your kid. It needs to be something useful that won’t create clutter and that will foster your kid’s creativity and imagination. We live in a time of gender-neutral toys and the days of girls playing with dolls and little boys playing with trucks only are long gone—and for good reason. Choosing gender-neutral wood puzzles are only one example of these toys that bring about many benefits for your kids. Toys such as these don’t reinforce gender stereotypes, promote experimental thinking and they empower children, among other things. And they are fun to play with! You can also use them as a fun birthday activity.

Send out invitations early

In order to avoid a small number of attendees at your kid’s birthday, it’s best to make sure that you send out the invitations way early. You can match the invitations to the overall theme of the party. Two to three weeks before the event is a good time to start sending out invitations in order to give the guests enough time to adjust their schedule and get a present. After all, nobody likes getting last-minute invitations. Nowadays it’s popular to send out e-invitations.

Keep the food and drinks simple

Kids’ favourite food is usually some simple finger food they can grab and eat in a few bites. So, don’t complicate the food with appetizers, main courses, side dishes and 15-layers cake – kids will appreciate pizza, sandwiches, canapes and other tasty finger food. Also, you can offer a wide array of healthy drinks to children when they’re thirsty.

Organize short games

In order to make any party memorable, you need to think of some short games that will keep the kids occupied. These need to be some fun activities they enjoy. And, of course, they need to be age-appropriate. Some popular options include a scavenger hunt, playing sport, bowling, darts, limbo dance, pinning the tail on the donkey, musical chairs – to name a few. The choice of games will largely depend on whether the party is indoors or outdoors.

Find some time to really think about your kid’s preferences and make the best party ever with the things and funds at your disposal. The key is in making that extra effort and not about breaking the bank.

Author Bio:

Mia Ackerson is a Melbourne-based part-time writer. She babysits her nephew and loves writing about it based on her personal experiences, in her free time. She’s also interested in interior design, reading books, movies, music, baking, and gardening. You can follow her on twitter.

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