How to Spice Up Your Sex Life by Theodora Evans

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Burning passion marks the “honeymoon phase” of every relationship and in that whirlpool of desire you hardly even think about it possibly fading away as the time passes. However, once you’ve been swept off your feet, you’ll inevitably find yourself on your back wondering how did your sex life become so dull and repetitive. Fortunately for you, this is completely normal and all partners eventually reach a stage in which they could both use something new and refreshing to rekindle the old flame. We all like adventure, surprise and suspense and the relationship will naturally substitute that surprise with stability. This is by no means a sign for you to give up on your sex life and fall into despair. There are so many hot, spicy ways in which you can get those sleepy senses tingling again and here is the best advice you can try out tonight.

Share Your Deepest Desires

If you feel that things are starting to cool down in the bedroom, it’s time to share your sexual fantasies. Regular communication is key to every successful relationship, and sex is not an exception. Dedicate some of that pillow talk to new things you would like to try out. Be open with your partner, tell them how you feel about it and listen carefully to what they have to say. You don’t have to fulfill every fantasy that comes to mind. Some things are better left for dirty talk, and some you will not be able to resist. Whatever the case may be, don’t forget to share. Sexual fantasies do not always have to be elaborate in the sense of props or circumstances. An exciting new place might do the trick, a new position and a little bit of imagination. Be open with yourself as well as with your partner and you might be surprised at how quickly things take off.

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Play Around With Toys

You might have never considered bringing in a sex toy into the game, but like all toys, they were made for having fun. Considering the fact that the pornographic industry has advanced to a great extent, it goes without saying you will be spoiled for choice. Again, communication is the key, and it is advisable to visit a sex shop together and discuss what both of you would like to try out. There are so many things to get more than your imagination going – from tender feathers and edible underwear to going wild with butt plugs or pegging equipment. They have all been made for your pleasure and enjoyment. For example, plugs will not only help you ease into the flow of anal sex, they will also narrow down the vaginal canal making the experience even more intense. The aforementioned pegging might seem extreme at the first glance, but keep an open mind. Imagine the thrill of switching roles for a moment, when ladies put in their strength forward into pleasure and gentlemen experience a completely different orgasmic climax. It just might not be that silly of an idea after all.

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Dress up Then Take It Off

Believe it or not, there’s a great deal of confidence coming from the way you are dressed before you engage in sexual activity. Most ladies, for example, tend to feel a lot sexier in lacy underwear and high heels, wearing seductive makeup and an alluring fragrance. This way of dressing wakes up our desire and confidence by breaking the routine. If you decide to surprise your partner, it will definitely announce an unforgettable night of love making, since he will be excited to experience the ‘new you’ and make you feel as special as you look. Even though some men might not say no to wearing heels themselves in the bedroom, the majority still prefers tight underwear and an irresistible fragrance that will set the sheets on fire. Be seductive in your sexy attire or, in other words, don’t reveal what you have up your sleeve (or skirt) right away. If you’re up for it, put on a little strip show to some sexy beats and reveal your secret weapon one clothing item at a time.

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Watch Porn Together

Everybody has watched a porn film at one time or another, if not for other reasons, then just out of curiosity. However, such a film is always closely connected to privacy as much as intimacy, and few consider the idea of sharing their favorite stars, i.e. watching them with someone else. Porn is exciting, and the industry offers such a variety of content that it’s truly impossible not to find something that you’ll both like. So, why not share the experience? Set the mood with a flick that will emit the passion straight onto both of you, and you might even get a few ideas while watching. If everything goes right, you will most likely not get to see the ending, but hey, you know it’s a happy one.

When the flame of passion starts to burn out don’t think of it as a bad thing. It is a unique opportunity to engage in something new and exciting. You might get to try things you were secretly fantasizing about, but you might also end up with completely new and creative ideas you’ve never thought of before. By exploring new opportunities in your sex life you will become more of an open, confident and undoubtedly happier individual.