How to Buy Headphones to Man Up Your Style by Paul Mills


We’re sure your sound quality is on point, but are you jamming out in style? With today’s technology, excellent sound quality is a given. Gone are the days of radio static and Walkmans skipping the beat with every step. Today your music surrounds you in high definition. Now what you need to be paying attention to is aesthetic appeal. After all, headphones are basically the new jewelry for men.

With streaming services available on the go and an endless library of content to listen to – sick tunes, hilarious podcasts, and educational webinars – it is a smart idea for you to make a good investment in a stylish pair of headphones that the world will witness you rocking throughout your day-to-day adventures. With so many style options, we have narrowed down the highest quality brands and the sleekest models to help you make informed buying decisions. Read on so that you may one day master rocking out like a rock star.

It’s a good idea to decide what your primary usage of these headphones will be so that way you can decide what style works best for you. There are headphones that are designed for working out and headphones that are designed for business. While both can carry aesthetic appeal, workout headphones are generally more durable and can come with waterproof and sweat-proof features, and business headphones are typically more sleek, discreet, and professional looking. Headphones come in a variety of styles that shape sound quality and fit around your ear differently. Some form factors may be used in both business and workout specific headphones. These styles include ear buds, ear pad headphones, and full size headphones.

Ear buds can be the cheap listening device that comes with your iPhone and fits in the bowl of your ear, or they can actually go deeper in your ear for a more isolated sound and come wireless with Bluetooth. The wireless and Bluetooth features are excellent for both business and athletic activity because they appear discreet and do not inhibit any movement. The Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth headphones are a perfect example of these and are shaped with a signature „swoosh“ to tie their look together and work well if you need to be off and on business calls all day. The athletic edition, the Jaybird Run, come sweat-proof with a secure, adjustable fit. Ear buds also come in handy because of their portability and comfort for people who wear glasses and don’t want to deal with that awkward overlap of over-the-ear headphones. However, they can be aggravating if they don’t fit your ear shape, causing them to fall out every time you go on a jog. Plus…what’s the point of man jewelry if it can’t be flaunted?


Enter ear pad headphones. These are your happy medium listening devices, offering a sturdier, more comfortable option particularly for those interested in getting a good workout in without having to stop every five minutes to readjust. Plus, the „open“ quality they possess keep them light and don’t produce an abominable amount of ear sweat to distract you from making those gains. Ear pad headphones are generally portable as well, some models, like the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, folding into themselves for convenient storage. They also have more physical design options so you can express your macho interior for the world to witness through your strapping style choice. An investment in sexy workout headphones will show the ladies you aren’t just noodling around. Dwayne „The Rock“ Johnson swears by ear pad headphones in the gym. In fact, he is in the process of designing his own brand, Project Rock Delta Headphones. According to him, „they’ll be the best you’ve ever trained in in terms of quality and durability“ once released later this year. Their style is comparable to the Jaybird Sportsband with a slimline contemporary design. The Rock used to work out in Beats by Dr. Dre like everyone else. Now that there are so many styles and features to choose from, why wouldn’t you branch out and take advantage of designs specifically made to lift weights or run? There are even a wide variety of waterproof headphones available just for swimming. However, since this style generally comes with open-backed construction, you will find that sound leaks both ways. I wouldn’t recommend tuning in to explicit content on blast while wearing these, and if you are trying to tune the world out at a party your friends forced you to attend when you have to study, good luck.

That brings us to full size headphones. These bad boys come equipped with noise-cancelling ear cups that have the power to drown you in bass and sound clarity. Wearing full size headphones is comparable to wrapping your ears in a cloud made of blankets UNLESS you have a huge head or sweat easily. They work great for music production though, and are sure to solve the previously mentioned explicit content issue of ear pad headphones. There are plenty of ways to man up your style while wearing full size headphones, since the material isn’t so limited by weight or durability. The Master & Dynamic MH40 are sure to class up your act with their vintage charm. The Urbanears Plattan ADV simultaneously come with a sleek finish and a soft fabric touch and to top it off, they come with a touch interface so you can answer phone calls with them. For a unique shape and pattern, check out the swanky Parrot Zik 3 headphones, which come adjustable for those of you with massive noggins, along with a luxurious color selection and „croco“ and „overstitched“ textures. From wood finishes to leather and silk combinations, the opportunities to express your manly style with full size headphones are endless and should be taken advantage of.

Now that you’ve got the tools you need to make an informed buying decision, you too can rock „The Rock“ look in the gym and show the ladies what’s up…or you can run through your daily routine in style with some high quality portable wireless ear buds that don’t get in your way. You’ll know just which pair to pick up for those long plane rides with howling babies on board so you can maintain focus, get work done, and show the world you mean business with your pattern and material choice. After all, there is an endless amount of content to be streamed. It’s time to invest in how you hear it.
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