How to be the Sexiest Guy This Fall by Peter Minkoff


Have you noticed how quickly sexiness changed? Think about the things that were sexy ten, twenty or thirty years ago. In the seventies, having the biggest and the most badass sideburns was definitely one of the top things to look for in the man, now – zero, nada, null. So, having in mind that sexiness changes, what are the things that are sexy now? Take a look at this list – you can’t disagree with any of these:


Having enough self-confidence has always been sexy. And we’re not talking about the narcissistic self-confidence. A man who believes in himself is not afraid to do anything; and being self-assured is definitely something that is very, very hot. We’ve never been into clingy and needy people; the more we have to fight for the attention of a guy, the hotter he is. Sure, it doesn’t mean that we have to be attracted to jerks (even though we sometimes are), but if they don’t appear too eager at the beginning, we absolutely go crazy.


Guys, if you’re reading this note down: This, indeed, is one of the sexiest characteristics in a person. Everyone loves a person who makes them laugh a lot, and nowadays, it’s way more important than just plain appearance. If you know how to be witty and humorous and can make a girl laugh, you’ll totally be characterized as irresistible, and you’ll find a way to someone’s heart. Mind, though, that it’s not only the humour on somebody else’s expense that’s funny – not being able to tolerate jokes on your own account and being mad or moody about it is a tremendous turn-off.

Bedroom Behaviour

A boring guy in the bedroom has nothing you would want to go back for. Making sure that your partner is taken care of in the bedroom, and not putting yourself first when it comes to sex is the definition of a good lover, and we all love having a good one in the bedroom. There are men who only want to get what they came for – a thing that is so passé. You can be freaking Brad Pitt, if you can’t think about the other person in the bedroom, you’re at a big loss.


The clothes you wear can transform you in no time. It can boost your self-confidence, and your personal style is what creates the first impression. Beards, abs, good hairdos are totally hot right now, but the way you dress is also very important. Your style doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to know how to combine different pieces of clothing and what to wear on certain occasions. Australians are considered to be some of the sexiest men on the planet, so buying nice men’s suits in Melbourne might ensure your sexiness. Know what patterns and colours are trendy and always know the right amount of accessories you can have. And always dress for the occasion.


Being racist, being a homophobe, call a woman “slut” – when the hell were these things sexy? That’s right, never, and it’s a thing that won’t change. Don’t expect to be treated like a god only because you have a penis. Standing up for all those in need, understanding other people’s emotions, supporting people who are different is something that never goes out of style, and is oh-so-sexy.


This is a much-underrated quality that can make even the least confident men totally irresistible. The way you move your body, your head and your hands; making eye contact while you speak, knowing which facial expressions to make – all of these are very important to the way you are presenting yourself to the world. It can boost your self-confidence, and it can leave a mesmerizing first impression.

As you may have noticed, only a few of these tips apply to the physical appearance. Times changed, we’re not living in the past when nice face and good body were everything we wanted in a man. In this world you have to be different – humorous, caring, loving, tolerant, confident. If you have all of these, then your beard or abs are not important.