How Did The Swimwear Industry Change? by Vicky Layton

The fashion industry is very weird, sometimes. With the latest streetwear era, it’s pretty clear that extravaganza and courage are more likely to succeed. Big examples of this statement would be Virgil Abloh, who recently became Louis Vuitton’s creative director and Riccardo Tisci, who was one of the first to adopt powerful designs in highly tailored, „corporate“ pieces such as coats and blazers. In order to better understand how the fashion industry changed, the best way would be to analyse how swimwear changed in the last decade.

The Gucci’s Paradigm Shift

Gucci has been known for ages for being the definition of Italian high-class tailoring. From coats to bags, the brand has been leading the market and that is a fact. What happened in 2015, though, is what really elevated Gucci to the Olympus of fashion: while everyone was copying their shapes and materials for high-tailored designs, they decided to release flashy, extravagant pieces that were more related to the up and coming streetwear world. To reference a small fact, their Spiritismo line was sold out in a matter of days. Beachwear-wise, Gucci adopted the same approach, creating male and female lines that, with their extravaganza and flashiness, were able to conquer the market.

Shapes Changes

The beachwear industry is the brightest example of how the shaping changed in a matter of months. While everyone was going oversize for their sweaters and hoodies, the luxury swimwear industry moved towards tight and form-fitting pieces that were indeed the biggest reason why men’s beachwear forgot about shorts and went back to slips. This is a very interesting thing to consider, either from a design point of view and from, mostly, a market one.

The Evolution Of These Brands

Gucci is not the sole example of the above-mentioned paradigm shift. In fact, Louis Vuitton (for ages known as the Italian brand’s main competitor worldwide), with Abloh’s addiction to the brand, was another big example of the pattern. Beachwear and swimwear are something that should be considered throughout the entire year and not just during summer, that’s why we can safely admit that both these titans have been working hard on the subject.

To Conclude

As mentioned above, swimwear is something that is usually considered during a small timeframe of the year (summer) and was therefore underestimated by many big brands, who preferred to focus on their big clothing collections. We’ll definitely see how the matter will evolve in the near future, but for now, the basis for a brilliant development is finally here.

Vicky Layton

Hi! My name is Vicky, I’m a fashion designer, running enthusiast and occasional model. Fashion is and will always be my passion and I also love sports. I am currently doing an internship but I would love to open my showroom soon!