Hein Cooper – new Single – „Hear My Voice“

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hein cooper

„The threads of new music began to form during my time living in Cornwall, where British coastal life provided an outlet for me to reflect and muse on the wealth of new experiences touring my debut album, The Art of Escape, had brought me.

The first entry in this new chapter is my new single, “Hear My Voice.” This song is about my experiences with falsehood, of hiding behind a version of myself that I’ve built up in a fantasy influenced by all the information thrown at us in 2018. It’s a conversation that I’m having with myself, basically saying: “Are you in there? Coz the guy answering the door is an arsehole and there’s gotta be someone else I can talk too!”

Co-produced by Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran, James Hersey), this is the music I’ve always wanted to create. Being involved on the production side also allows me to really capture the bigger picture. There’s this new confidence to the ‘anything goes’ attitude of the last ten years. I think a pop song can be incredibly poetic and still clear, and also be an exciting mix of genres. That’s what I’ve aimed for throughout some of my new material“