Hærværk – Niels Gundtoft – Exclusive Designer Interview

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Name Brand: Hærværk
Name Designer: Niels Gundtoft
Established: 2017
Kind of Style: Menswear
Instagram: @haervaerk_brand

1. Please discribe yourself and your brand and its evolution in the past seasons.

My name is Niels Gundtoft and we are newly based back in Copenhagen Denmark where we are from and where we showcase our collections every season during CFW. My brand Hærværk is based on my Royal College of Art graduation collection where I spend two years figuring out myself and what I like the most. We are now working on SS20 and we focus on how to commercialize our community without loosing the authenticity.

2. Best and toughest part of designing a menswear collection.

The best part is creating the characters. Since we are a young brand heavily inspired by social codes I love the references in our collections. For me there is no tough part about being a menswear designer. But being a business man at the same time can be tricky at times.

3. What sources of inspiration are your biggest influence?

My childhood, Copenhagen and youth culture.

4. What was your favorite collection so far?

My favorite collection is Volume two. When I designed the collection I was in a very good period working at Diesel in Italy. I had a huge flat in the Bassano Hills with a panorama view. I was very isolated but everything was super scenic. I guess that is a good combination to build a collection since I like that one the best.

5. How much of your success do you credit to the education you had?

That is actually a very good question but I will probably credit RCA and especially my tutor Ike Rust for everything. I was always fascinated by youth culture but I didn’t have any idea about how to translate the themes into my own language.

6. What genre of music best describes your collection?

We work on creating the Hærværk tune, which is a cartoony transformation of tehnno and industrial music. The Hærværk tune will work as a base for all our future runways shows and campaigns.

7. How do you choose your models for your shows and campaigns?

Our muse is young, naïve and raw yet not self-aware or pretentious. We street cast all of our models and we always look for authenticity in the way they carry themselves. Also, all of our boys become a part of the brand because we all work on the show together and we make sure that their voice is listened to.

8. Do you have any favorite male models?

We usually end up using the same models to create a cult feeling. It can be difficult to explain but I like all models who are naturals in they way they walk our pose and that we don’t have to explain how become a character.

9. Where do you plan to take your brand next?

Somewhere bigger and better.

10. Beside fashion – do you have any special talents?

I use to do nothing but making music in several bands. Besides still playing the guitar I am very good in composing and arranging music. This is quite helpful when we do our runways shows.