Gid Sedgwick – ‚Temperature Is Rising‘

Gid Sedgwick

“I like an analogy. Imagine a thermometer, as it over heats, that glass could break. Now imagine that thermometer measures our stress and anxiety. As the stress rises up from day to day, the glass could burst… 

and well.. so could we…”

Gid Sedgwick is a 25 yr old producer, artist and DJ on KaneFM103.7. He grew up listening to bands like Goldfinger, Sum41, Blink, GreenDay and always had the dream of being in a rock band – “I pretty much haven’t grown out of that mentality.”  More recently inspired by the likes of Matrix & Futurebound and Lower Than Atlantis, Gid fuses his love of Rock, vocal harmonies and Drum & Bass in his first release, ‘Temperature Is Rising’ (7 June), from the upcoming EP ‘Through the Illusion’ (21 June).

“In my job at MindWaves i’ve got first hand experience of mental health. I teach young people there how to DJ, make music & put together radio shows. I guess this song is my reaction to their stories. Stress can rise in all of us regardless of how big or small every day situations can leave us feeling and all the while going along unnoticed to those around us”