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Fashion Cares, Fashion Gives Back!   Keep looking stylish and classy, show YOUR PRIDE in a variety of colours including the rainbow whilst sporting a Bow Tie.  Remember bow ties are cool!  From that Big  Wedding, to wanting to look dapper or just wanting to look stylish/posh with a flair, the creator behind GAY PRIDE BOW Ties Jorge Santana has you covered! Wanting to create something with a sense of style and elegance Jorge’s love of Bow Ties became a physical reality; using only the finest silk from the UK each Bow Tie is handmade and is available traditional or pretied. Giving back to the GLBT community and other organisations such as Breast Cancer Research, along with AIDS causes has also been important to Jorge that’s why he decided to give back a share of the profits to important causes. 

„Gay Pride Bow Ties connects you to others who share your interest in making a difference in this ever-changing world, because people who make a difference in the world are often unique themselves“ The founder Jorge Santana  

Gay Pride Bow Ties believe in equality 

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQI+ Community or a straight ally, you will often find there are compassionate people who care deeply among us all. 

There are many who respect people for who they are, not who they wish everybody to be. By supporting non-profit LGBT+ organizations, we feel it encourages people to respect their differences and coexist, giving these organizations a chance to become stronger and more effective in achieving equality for us all. 


Check them out via the web and you can place your order there too Gay Pride Bow Ties are availabe worldwide! 


You can follow on Twitter too @gaypridebowties  Also on Instagram  GayPrideBowTies