Garden Design Ideas to Match Your Lifestyle & Personality by Sarah Jessica Smith

The garden is the part of the house which each and every one of us can enjoy. Spending time outside fills you with energy and joy, and allows you to feel closer to nature. Even though almost every modern man strives to be one with nature and live a full and healthy life, the ways we enjoy and connect to nature are different. What you call your Garden of Eden, someone else might see as completely useless and not well decorated.

We’re all different people who have different personalities, styles, and preferences. According to these factors, our gardens will surely differ. This doesn’t mean one is better than the other, just that there are many ways to reach perfection.

Your home and your garden should be the two places in the world where you feel most like yourself. There’s no burden or expectations by the society of what a man should be, no reason to pretend, to put your walls up, and no reason not to be yourself. To connect to the world and yourself in this way, you’ll need to give your garden a lot of attention.

Here are some ideas that will surely match the lifestyle and personality of many modern men.

1. For the artistic soul

If you’re particularly artistic, make your garden your canvas. This empty space can be your new project and it’s up to you to decide what every little detail will look like. Start from the grass itself. Is it enough just to have a clean green lawn, or do you want something more? Plant flowers and trees by yourself, and even make your own pots. This will give a personal touch to the garden and make you feel closer to it because of all the effort you put into making it.

Don’t be afraid to go beyond the plants, either. When it comes to your fence, there’s no reason it has to be in one uniform colour. In fact, break out some paint and your brushes, or even colour spray and bring your next masterpiece to life.

When it comes to garden furniture, you can make that yourself, too. To be more eco-friendly and involved with nature, you can choose to make your furniture out of recycled materials. As well as that, you can use items like old tires and wooden pallets to create unique seating pieces that everyone will adore.

Decoration can be handmade, too. Everything from the edge that surrounds your flower or vegetable garden, to the cute signs posted around your garden can be made by your hand. Don’t be afraid to create unique flower pots, either. For example, if you don’t feel like converting those old tires into ottomans, you can always use them to create hanging pots for your porch. Add a little spray paint, and suddenly they’re the best hanging pots you’ve had instead of just old tires.

If you want to share your special artistic world with your dearest friends, you can always encourage them to make you something you can add to the garden. What better way to commemorate your friendship and strengthen your bonds than by including them in your little paradise?

2. For the modern gentleman

The modern gentleman strives to keep up with the trends and stay in style. Your garden should reflect your desire and ability to stay IN, which is why you should embrace everything 2019 has to offer to your garden. Cutting edge gardens are always sleek, elegant, and breath-taking. Show the world that you and your garden are here and ready to wow it.

The most important thing you need to focus on here is architectural design. Make sure to introduce as much asymmetry as possible. The modern world doesn’t like perfection anymore but instead finds beauty in chaos. The more asymmetrical your design is, the better. Also, don’t be afraid to combine your landscape with your plants, either. This is one of the newest and most popular trends today.

You can also play with stone paths and create amazing patterns all around the area. Lead your guests from one garden zone to another just with the help of sleek modern paving stones which make your garden more organized and extremely beautiful.
As far as the plants are concerned, don’t go for anything flashy or with too much colour. Simple greenery and bushes are more than enough. You can also try to approach your modern garden minimalistically and show the world that, once again, less really is more. The bare beauty of your garden will speak volumes about the modern age, but also to it. Excessive decoration is no longer needed when you’ve got elegance and style taking over once more.

3. For the Disney prince

If you’ve ever seen a Disney movie, you know it’s always the princesses who are fond of nature. Well, it’s time for the Disney prince to set his foot on stage and steal the show. Those who love animals and plants should make sure their garden is a sanctuary for nature. Design your garden to be made out of nature in and out. Start with a flower and vegetable garden.

Flowers are easy enough to plant and will make a great contribution to your natural environment. They smell really nice and look even better. If you want to go a step further, you can create patterns with different colours and match your flower garden to the rest of the decoration. When it comes to the vegetables, it’s a great way to interact with nature and start eating healthier. You can make space in a part of your garden just for the vegetables. Start with something simple, then move on to more complex veggies as your skill progresses. Don’t forget to start composting, too, as this will make for great natural fertilizer for your flowers and veggies. Let’s not forget that it’s also great for minimizing waste. What better way to get closer to nature than to actively care for it?

As a Disney prince, you’ll probably want to spend every minute you can outside with your garden. Though this is a lovely idea, it’s usually not doable because of the weather. You may see the beauty in nature when it’s in its full wake in summer or deep sleep in winter, but because of the extreme temperatures, you usually won’t be able to enjoy it. Unless, of course, you get a pergola. These garden structures are essentially like creating a room outside. They’ll keep you warm in the chilly winter days and allow you to marvel at the beauty of nature even when it’s raining outside. You won’t have to perspire in the sun anymore, either, as the pergola offers good shade. To spice things up a little, you can decorate your pergola with climbing plants. This way, it’ll truly feel like it’s part of the contained natural ecosystem you’ve created in your backyard.

As far as the animals are concerned, you can invite nature’s critters to your garden pretty easily. All you have to do is provide some food and shelter, and they’ll be right on their way to your garden. Birds are an especially lovely sight to see in the garden. With their chirps, they draw you even deeper into the magic of nature. To invite birds to your backyard, you can make your own birdhouses and bird feeders. As well as that, add a birdbath in the middle of your flower garden.

You can also make friends with toads and hedgehogs. All you have to do is place some toad houses around the premises and wait for the frogs to appear. If you plan on digging up a little lake, you’re even more likely to have toads as your regular guests. Hedgehogs are a little shyer, but if you put a few logs in the corners of the yard and cover them with leaves, you might just get lucky.

4. For the stressed businessman

The modern world is full of challenges and worries that none of us can escape. Stress is at every corner, and that’s completely normal. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. A lot of stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health pretty quickly. Since you can’t avoid it, the best you can do is deal with it. Your biggest asset will be your garden.

If you work long hours and have a lot of responsibilities on your plate, it’s high time you did something to relax. Design your garden in a way that radiates serenity and positive energy. Zen gardens aren’t hard to create when you know what you’re doing. Just look at the Japanese culture for inspiration.

The first step to creating your Zen garden is adding lots of greenery. In this scenario, you don’t want to put a lot of colour in the garden as it alerts your brain instead of soothing it. A uniform green is best for nurturing relaxing vibes. You can do that with a row of bamboo or even bonsai trees. Also, make sure your garden is cut off from the rest of the world with a high and sturdy fence (perhaps also decorated with bamboo) to keep the energy in place.

Then, look for boulders. Boulders are symbols of stability and will keep you grounded when you just feel like flying away from all your worries. They’ll also keep you balanced and remind you that you are unmovable, regardless of how strong of a wind comes your way.

Finally, you should introduce a few sandboxes to the area. Create rippling water effects in the sand to radiate even calmer and peace to the area. It’s been proven that that particular pattern in water has very soothing effects for our brain, and with the sand, the pattern is inerasable.


Your garden is an extension of who you are. It’s there to show and tell people what you can’t about yourself. If you don’t know how to communicate your likes and dislikes, as well as personality traits, just invite the person you’re trying to open up to over. With one glance at your garden, they’ll understand exactly who you are and what you stand for. Being naked in front of someone else goes beyond skin, and the perfect garden can help you reach this stage. As well as building a strong relationship with yourself and the world around you, you’ll be building healthy relationships with the people you love, too, just by letting them in your little world.

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.