Free to ‘Be Free’… Johny Dar launches first ‚Dardelica‘ music video

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Johny Dar releases the first music video from his debut album ‘Dardelica’, empowering audiences to ‘Be Free’ and decide it’s meaning for themselves…

“I have done the work – it’s up for each one of us to interpret it,’ says acclaimed artist and fashion designer, Johny Dar.

Dar’s commitment to delivering experiences ‘where the future starts’ doesn’t stop at art, design or fashion.  In his new music video – a deep journey with a playful sense of direction that elevates the senses – you can hear and see it in motion like never before…

The three and half minute journey packs a visual punch at hyper-speed and is saturated with significance in every meaningful moment.  Fuelled by an adamantine belief in the human capacity for creativity and growth, Dar has dedicated himself to birthing a new artistic expression that spans the full spectrum of the entertainment industry, from music to fashion to film directing.  Unless he is creating something so original it re-designs the artistic medium all together, Dar won’t even engage it – one reason why the video for ‘Be Free’ was years in the making, taking more than 30 months to complete.

Dar sees his new video as a summary of the many mediums he has worked with, and the fruit of his commitment to developing his own unique style within every form of art he engages.  As a result, ground-breaking elements are found in every aspect of ‘Be Free’, from the direction – a powerful symbolic symphony of visual references – to Dar’s unfathomable ‘alien-rap’ vocals, which are masterfully merged with Dan Vinci’s slick musical production to create a seamless audio-visual experience. 

A tasteful and diverse fusion of imagery, emotion, memory and allusion, the ‘Be Free’ video has the intensity and impact of a condensed feature film, as it plays with the idea of time, invoking a sense of the infinite.  ‘When I watched it for the first time, it felt like watching a full length movie with the volume of imagery and emotions, but at the same time felt so short, I wanted to hit replay,’ explains Dar.