„FREE AT LAST“ – A new story from Ricardo Muniz

FREE AT LAST by Ricardo Muniz introducing Jose Luis Abdallah James 03 with darkness quote

FREE AT LAST tells the story of prospective model José Luis Abdallah James who feels „free at last“ because he hopes to be judged by his character, not his color or ethnic background. His story coincides well with Martin Luther King, Jr’s own story of struggle for the African American community. 
Enjoy each beautiful shot of José, and enjoy each powerful quote from the late, great MLK, Jr.
Photographer: Ricardo Muñiz
Instagram: @coquichuloimages
Instagram: @chulounderwear
Model: José Luis Abdallah James
Model IG: @vitajose19
Navy dress pants by Ralph Lauren
White knit shirt by Calvin Klein
Red Singing Coqui tee by CHULO Underwear
Light blue jeans by Montage Beverly Hills
All underwear by CHULO Underwear
White sneakers by Aasics
Polka dot boots by Lugz