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Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs TIGER STRONG

Tigers are among the most well noted and adored of the world’s most alluring “superfauna” (large animal species with global, popular allure).  The best and invincible parts of the human spirit have been part of the collective conscious of the human experience since time immemorial.  Mr. Eugene has fused these two concepts and channeled their collective strength and massive appeal as the design inspiration for TIGER STRONG.

This fashion presentation commences with a nod to Tartan plaid, transitions to Mr. Eugene’s favorite “basic black”, segues to a myriad of Houndstooth fabric offerings, moves seamlessly to an off-white color palette, and “smashes it” at the end with faux tiger print shirts, pullovers, and a tuxedo dinner jacket. The off-white tuxedo dinner jacket that made its world debut at the 74th Venice Film Festival and the faux tiger print tuxedo dinner jacket are the pinnacles of the range.

“I was not sure I was going to put the off-white tuxedo jacket in the collection until shortly before the presentation.  The decision required that I design and style transition pieces so the collection progresses to the jacket.  I do not regret any of it.  In my opinion, the color, cut, and everything else about the jacket are simply fantastic. We took hundreds of photos of the jacket and it does not have a bad angle, stated Mr. Eugene.”

“I enjoyed adding structure to fabrics that at times traditionally don’t require any. This is particularly notable in the basic black and off-white portions of the presentation.  This collection is all about strength and literally has teeth – Houndstooth fabric to be exact.  I added in a few touches of fake fur and used sponge, fake tiger print, and Tartan plaid with goal of creating a bold, comfortable, strength imbued clothing range, noted Mr. Eugene.”